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2014 La Crosse Christmas Bird Count Results

Saturday, December 20, 2014


We found nearly 14,000 individuals of 61 species. Given the weather, that was quite an accomplishment!! Some of the most unusual birds seen include the Ruby-crowned Kinglet (the first time ever for the count), a Merlin, a Golden Eagle, and a Common Snipe.

The final results were 13,916 individual birds of 61 species (one of the two reports included a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker which was a new bird for the count). On the effort side, we had 75 participants who traveled 882 miles and logged at least 370 hours counting birds!!

I apologize for taking so long to get this out. Work got in the way right after the event and then family commitments during the Christmas holiday kept me away from my PC as well.

Click here for the results!

Thanks again to everyone for all of your time and effort on this count!!

Dan Jackson, President
Coulee Region Audubon Society
La Crosse, Wisconsin

From Lennie Lichter on 1/5/2015:

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet brings the total number of species seen on the La Crosse Christmas Bird Count in the last 50 years to 133. This total includes one species that is no longer considered a species (the Oregon Junco).

Also, for a span of more than 25 years now, we have had few if any Robins on the Count in odd-numbered years, while over 100 and sometimes many times that amount have been seen in the even-numbered years. For the second year in a row, the Robins look like they are trying to break this cycle, with only 114 found this year.