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La Crosse 2013 Christmas Bird Count Results

Saturday, December 14, 2013

From Dan Jackson on 12/17/2013:

At this point, I have all but one section report and about ĺ of the feeder count reports in and compiled. As expected, with a relatively cold season and poor weather on Saturday, the numbers of individual birds is down quite a bit. This is especially true if it is compared to a relatively warm year like last year when there was lots of open water and waterfowl.

Given those conditions, we have a relatively high number of species counted. We counted 63 species on count day and there were also 2 count week additions. The especially unusual species include Carolina and Winter Wrens, a Gray Catbird, a Harrisís Sparrow, a Fox Sparrow, a Baltimore Oriole, a Golden Eagle, Trumpeter Swans, Swamp Sparrows, a Wilsonís Snipe, and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.

** Click here for the final results! **

After the events of last year, this was a very special count for me. Thanks to everyone for all of your effort on this count. You made it even more special. I really appreciate the help!!

Enjoy the birds and Happy Holidays,


From Lennie Lichter on 12/17/2013:

It sounds like the unusual pattern of American Robin numbers that began around 1991 continues with less than 100 found this year. For a span of more than 20 years now, we have had few if any Robins on the Count in odd-numbered years, while over 100 and sometimes many times that amount have been seen in the even-numbered years. That being said however, it looks like they did their best to break the cycle this year.

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