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La Crosse 2012 Christmas Bird Count Summary

Saturday, December 15, 2012

From Dan Jackson on 1/6/2013:

I would like to thank everyone for the help with this year’s Christmas Bird Count!!. With the early count date and warm temperatures, we had a huge count despite the weather. You tallied over 27,000 birds of 73 species!! The most unusual were a pair of Rufous Hummingbirds that were coming to a feeder in La Crosse. However, it was also a huge year for waterfowl due to some pretty large areas of open water on the Mississippi River.

I would also like to extend a big thank you to Scott Puchalski who was able to take over the majority of my coordinator role at the last minute due to my heart issues. The last week before the count is a busy time and he pulled it together wonderfully!!

Click here for the final results!

Good birding,

Dan Jackson, President
Coulee Region Audubon Society
La Crosse, Wisconsin

Note from Lennie Lichter:

The unusual pattern of American Robin numbers that began around 1991 continues with 290 found this year. For a span of more than 20 years now, we have had few if any Robins on the Count in odd-numbered years while over 100 and sometimes many times that amount have been seen in the even-numbered years.

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